IPHA Swis Pod Mod (Juul Compatible)

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The IPHA Swis is the first stainless steel pod kit in the world with advanced workmanship and unique design. With 300mAh food-grade stainless steel body and 0.7ml pod cartridge, the Swis pod brings a great, classy vaping experience.
- Compatible With Pre-filled Juul Pods, Refillable J-Pods, IPHA Swis brand pods, and OVNS JC01 pods!
- 2 styles of airflow for a more tailored experience
- constant current output, meaning as the battery dies, the hit stays strong! That way it's satisfying to the last puff

| Jim D of MVG 25-01-2019 16:05

In love with this device. It's like a high end Juul replacement but superior in everyway.
It's cheaper then a Juul. It has a larger battery then the juul (getting through 3 pods before charging). It has refillable pods which makes it more affordable as well and opening you up to a whole world of new flavors. And it features a constant current output meaning it doesn't get weaker as you vape it, it's the same hit everytime, until the device's battery is depleted. Plus it has the two airflow options. A looser feel ALMOST restricted direct to lung type hit with the cap ON. With it off and hitting the pod directly, it's a much tighter Mouth To Lung feel perfect for smokers transitioning and those looking for a stiffer draw. A great device.

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