Uwell Caliburn Kit

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Juice Capacity: 2 ml
Battery Capacity: 520 mAh
Size: 110 mm × 21.2 mm × 11.6 mm
NetWeight: 30 g
Maximum Wattage: 11W
Directly vape or button vape.
Click 5 times to lock/unlock, child safety feature.
Draw-activated mechanism fault diagnosis function.
Top-fill cartridges, easy to use.
Compact and portable.
In the box:
1 x Caliburn Portable System Kit
1 x Caliburn Pod Cartridge
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x User’s Manual

| Jim D- Vape Tender 25-07-2019 18:01

UPDATE to my previous Review - Device is still working VERY well at the end of July. Pod life is excellent, a time line is hard to establish because I use multiple devices, but I am definetly getting 35-50mls of liquid through one pod before it's necessary to change. And I am using a SOMEWHAT sweet liquid. The flavor dials off a little once you have gotten 20-30mls through it, but there is no burnt taste, and still some nice flavor, just muted compared to when first starting a new pod.
I have also dropped the device at least 3-5 times from a solid height ( 4 feet or more) and despite a few dents, and an actual crack in the base of the device where the pod connects (next to the contacts) it works great. So it can definetly take a bit of a beating as well. This is a tough device to beat for a Mouth To Lung style vapor!

| Jim D - Vape Tender 27-06-2019 15:24

I have been using this device since early april. It's superior flavor and hit compared to other compact pod style devices has quickly made it my goto for an ultra portable and on-the-go device ( use it when running errands, am going to be vaping alot in public, etc).
The pod life is excellent. Where other pods would die half way through a 30ml bottle, I am easily getting 40mls-60mls through on pod. With regular daily use, I get 2-3 weeks from one pod (multiple fills, and near constant use every day). Makes it much more cost effective then any pre-filled pod system (Juul, STLTH) and just as easy to use!
It is draw activated meaning when you pull on it, it activates. The button on it does work as a fire button, but merely as a backup to the draw sensor, so if you refer to use a button, or just puff, it has you covered. It also has a pretty great battery life all things considered. If you are like me, and use it so much that you have to fill the pod 2-3 times a day, you may end up needing to charge it through the day, but thankfully it only takes about 20 minuites or so, and can be used while charging!

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