Yo-Can - YoCan Evolve Plus XL Atomizer

Your favorite concentrate atomizer is now sold solo!

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Your favorite concentrate atomizer is now sold solo!

The Yo Can Evolve Plus XL Atomizer is one of the best Shatter and wax atomizers on the market. With the ability to use Dual, Triple, Quad OR Ceramic coil heads - it has vast variability in how it performs! 

Conserve product with the ceramic or Dual coil, or go for the big cloud and full flavor with the Triple or Quad coils. The choice is yours! 

This atomizer can work on any of your standard 510 style vaporizer batteries (this means most standard e-cigarette style vapes, box mods, etc!). Simply start at 10W - and turn it up until you find the sweet spot. Each coil will require different power levels so be sure to play with the power until it's hitting right! Do not exceed 50W - this will ruin the coil. 

Also functions as a replacement tank for your YoCan Evolve XL Battery. 

(Available in Black or Silver, please designate in comments which you would like if there is a preferance)

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